Carinthia was of course not to be missed during my solo trip to Austria. While I was still preparing at home, it soon became apparent that the nock/art hiking trails are apparently popular. Because I do like a hard hike I had finally chosen the Mallnock-Alpinrunde. This route actually means that you do the climb of the Klomnock, and also take the top of the Mallnock. Learn about this brisk hike that rewards you with stunning views of Nockberge National Park & Biospärenpark.


The facts

The Mallnock-Alpinrunde runs through the Nockberge National Park & Biosph√§renpark. You can download the PDF or the GPX here, but if you follow the signs towards the Klomnock and then towards the Mallnock, you will always stay on the right track. To take the right path back down you have to pay attention and check carefully. After the Mallnock you arrive at a kind of “crossroads” where you have to take the right exit. If it really goes wrong, you can still take the cable lift down. The road to there is well marked. If you don’t like walking the 11.4 kilometers and overcoming 1016 altimeters, you can take that same cable lift up. That saves a lot of altimeters. This was done en masse by tourists who are sporty, but didn’t really like a tough climb. Anyway, you have to park at the parking lot of the cable lift station (Parkplatz Brunnach), so that’s another advantage.

The course of the Mallnock-Alpinrunde is a bit similar to that of the climb of the Pihapper. First through the woods and then you end up in an open plain with alpine meadows. By the way, it’s completely normal when you meet cows. Both in the woods and in the alpine meadows I had to approach them very close, but the good animals remained very quiet. They’re not going to get out of the way for you. On the descent I had the problem that part of the route had been washed away. The day before, it had rained heavily. So I had to make my own route with the GPS and eventually cross a “new” whitewater river. Normally, the route will be restored when you get there. Technically, I didn’t find the Mallnock-Alpinrunde that difficult.


What did I think of the Mallnock-Alpinrunde?

This hike was well worth it because the view was different from during the climb of the Pihapper. The mountains looked completely different, but I even thought that the forests were different too. At least I took some of my best pictures there. During this climb I also encountered roe deer in the forest. That was actually the only wildlife I encountered during the whole trip. The hardest part came just after the stretch in the woods. When I was almost at the top, I soon encountered many more people (before that I had not encountered anyone). This remained the case on the stretch between the Klomnock and the Mallnock, but once I passed the Mallnock and started to descend again, I was completely alone again. There was a lot of people present because the weather was nice, and because the cable lift makes the 2 mountain peaks very accessible.


In my case, descending was a bit annoying because I had to improvise a lot. Fortunately, I have experience with GPS walking. The ultimate goal of the descent was to find a good place to cross the water from the “new” whitewater river. Don’t let this stop you from doing this hike too. This river was provisional and the path must have been restored, and in the end it was not so bad. If you are not sure, you can always check in the hotel/campsite where you stay.

From the nock/art I hadn’t really noticed much. Around the mountain tops I did come across indications like the signs below, but sometimes there was nothing to be seen near the plates, or I didn’t really bother. I was actually expecting a little more of that. Maybe on other routes it’s a bit more worthwhile.



Do you like a solid hike that gives you a nice reward? If you are in Carinthia, you no longer have to doubt: the Mallnock-Alpinrunde. Don’t you like taking a hard walk like that? No problem! The cable lift can take you upstairs so you can also enjoy the beautiful view. Enjoy it! Below the photo you will find a video of the entire trip.


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