People who want to visit the Moselle region will probably want to visit Cochem. This small town located on the banks of the Moselle is considered the capital of Moselle wines. A visit to the city itself is certainly worthwhile, but the surrounding area is also beautiful. I found a hike that combines both. Do you want to do a hike that takes you through the city, but also through the woods and up to the castle? Read more below!

Hike Cochem

The hike

The hike is 16 km long and 956 altitude meters have to be overcome. It would take you about 6 hours. You can follow the signs with “Moselsteig Seitenprung” (see photo) from the center of Cochem. In theory, the walk starts at the Talstation der Sesselbahn “Pinnerkreuz”, but you can actually pick up anywhere you want. You can park in the city (not free), or you can park somewhere along the route. The hike takes you through the center of Cochem, but also to the entrance of Cochem Castle where you can take a guided tour or just visit the courtyards.

Hike Cochem

Most of the hike is in the hills around Cochem, where you can visit the old ruins of a castle (free and including beautiful views). You occasionally walk through a field, but usually you are in the forest. There are many altitude meters to overcome, but outside a few steeper parts it goes up and down rather slowly. The distance and the altitude meters do ensure that you have to be in good condition. There is a good variety between wide logging paths and small footpaths.

If your German is good, you can find some extra information about this walk and other walks in the Moselle region here.

Hike Cochem

My experience

I just came from Austria so my condition was very good. As a result, this hike did not seem that difficult, but 956 vertical meters is of course not little. I especially thought it was a varied walk that can take you all day long. You can safely deviate from the route in Cochem to better explore the city, or to eat or drink something. If you are at the castle of Cochem, you can also visit it with possibly the guided tour (click on the link to learn more about this). I was especially pleasantly surprised by the old ruins of another fortress (about half way through the hike if you leave from Cochem). You can walk around freely and you get a nice view.

I only had one day to get to know the Moselle region better. By taking this walk I got a very good impression of the region. In Cochem it can be very busy, but once outside the city I only met hikers here and those who followed the same route in the opposite direction. Highly recommended for those who like to combine nature and culture, but do not stay near Cochem for long.

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