Normally I write little about cultural activities for my travel blog, but the exception makes the rule for sure? I have always been interested in history, so here is an article about the castle of Cochem. After 8 days in Austria I was stranded for 2 days in the Moselle region (Germany). Especially in Cochem, one of the biggest attractions is the castle overlooking the Moselle and the town. The decision was therefore quickly made to visit this castle.

Cochem Castle


Parking is best done in Cochem itself. The parking lot nearby is only for staff. In the summer period it can be busy in the town. Early bird as I am I stood ready at 10 am (opening time) at the box office. You pay 3.5 euros for a visit to the courtyards, and 7 euros for a full tour. The tours start every 10 minutes. While you wait you can already enjoy the courtyards and the beautiful views.

Cochem Castle
Not wrong, right?

Cochem Castle

The castle of Cochem is a high placed castle. An ideal position to ward off attackers. Four gates, walls and excavations provided security. The last resort was the great “witch tower”. The walls are 1.80 to 3.60 meters thick. In 1689 the castle was completely destroyed by French troops. In 1869, so almost 200 years later, the ruin was rebuilt by a private man and adapted to the living comfort of the 19th century (think eg. toilets). Since 1978, the city of Cochem has owned the castle.

The tour

During the tour you get the chance to admire the most beautiful rooms of the castle. In the end, you’ve only seen 7 rooms out of 50. Certain rooms have a specific architectural style (Gothic and Romance). I found the Knight’s Room to be the most impressive room. Just next to the Knight’s Room there is a weapons room with a balcony that gives a beautiful view of the Moselle.

The tour is only given in German, but there is a paper translation in English and Dutch. The tour takes a good 20 minutes. After that, you can hang out in the courtyards for as long as you want. Taking pictures is allowed.

My experience

I was actually pleasantly surprised by this castle (perhaps that’s why I write about a cultural activity). The courtyards were beautiful, the rooms were very well maintained and really worth seeing. The only downside was that the tour was rather short, and I would have liked to have seen even more of the inside. Apparently in the future they want to use the other (empty) spaces for a regional museum.

To find out more about this castle you can check the website. Because I was there during the corona period, it may be that things have already changed.

Cochem Castle
View from the balcony

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