The Wilder Kaiser is one of the most imaginative mountains in Austria (Tirol). Of course, this area was not to be missed during my 10-day trip through Austria. When I did the research on this area I initially wanted to do a multi-day trekking on the mountain itself. Because I wanted to discover more parts of Austria, I decided to take a start-in walk that offers a view of the Wilder Kaiser. Learn more about the Astenrunde, a walk on the Astberg, below.

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Hike figures

The walk is 8.7 km long and 560 altimeters have to be overcome. You don’t go higher than 1,270 meters. According to the website, it takes about 3.5 hours, but it took me just under 3 hours. For me this was an ideal start-in for the climb of the Pihapper, the goal for the day after. You can download the GPX and the PDF here.

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Description of the walk

I parked in Going am Wilden Kaiser. The first part is narrow and steep, partly in a field with a nice view of the Wilder Kaiser, then partly in forest. After that you have to follow a wider path in a meadow, but soon it becomes narrowed and steep again in a forest. Once you’re out of the woods, you’ll come to a café where you’ll come back when you return.

Then you follow a wider path almost to the top of the Astberg. There’s a lake you should definitely walk past. It is also an ideal resting place with benches. Here, too, you will continue to have a nice view of the Wilder Kaiser. From this point you will come across more people as there is a cable lift close to the lake. Next to the lake, there is also a petting zoo that attracts young families.

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At the petting zoo it can be a bit of a search for the path. Find the yellow signposts. This loop goes up and down through meadows and forests. You walk in Hausberg on asphalt but soon you are back in the forest on your way to the petting zoo. Right on the cable lift you start the descent that takes you back to the café. Then you keep descending to the cable elevator. You then walk down parallel by the cable lift until you are back in Going.

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It’s easy to miss pad when you start the descent at the petting zoo

My impression

The walk itself has no technical difficulties and is easy to do if you are a bit sporty. Hikers probably don’t lie awake from a petting zoo, but the view you get on the Wilder Kaiser is simply fantastic. I thought it was the ideal way to get a picture of the surroundings. If you walk on the Wilder Kaiser itself, you won’t get this view. A multi-day trek on the Wilder Kaiser seems to me to be worth it though! Click here to know more about that.

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The Wilder Kaiser

Interested in traveling in Austria? Below you will find the video I made during the trip. Enjoy!

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