Coastal walks are trendy in Santo Antão. You could already know this if you read my article about the coastal walk from Tarrafal to Monte Trigo, but there is one more well known coastal walk in Santo Antão. The coastal walk from Ponta do Sol to Cruzinha (or vice versa) is also worthwhile and has even more variation. During this walk you initially walk along the coast, but suddenly you end up in an incredible green oasis which you will never forget for the rest of your life. Find out everything below!

Ponta do Sol to Cruzinha

The figures of the hike

The hike is 13.5 km long. You can choose to start in Ponta do Sol or in Cruzinha. We stayed in Ponta do Sol so we moved to Cruzinha to walk back to our stay. The hardest part of this hike is the altimeters: more than 1500 altimeters have to be overcome. The walk actually goes up and down constantly. So you are best in a good condition, or you make enough time for this walk. It will take you 4 to 5 hours, including a break in the beautiful and green Fontainhas.

Ponta do Sol to Cruzinha

The Way to the Crucifixion

The route of the hike seems identical to that of Tarrafal to Monte Trigo. So you walk on and in the cliffs made of volcanic rock. There are more places to have a drink, and you also regularly see greener parts. You also notice quickly that the walk is a lot more difficult, and if you think it can not be much more difficult, you suddenly come to “The Way to the Crucifixion”. This is a long and steep ascending section where you regularly see a part of the biblical story. I honestly hadn’t seen much of it because I did a race there to get to the top first (which I had won of course). By the way, you only have to ascend “The Way to the Crucifixion” if you take the route departing from Cruzinha, but there are still more than enough steep sections to raise your heart rate.

Ponta do Sol to Cruzinha

Fontainhas and Bar Tchù

At some point the walk will take you away from the coast and you will end up in a green oasis where there are some villages. It doesn’t rain much in Santo Antão, but there are often clouds that collide with the mountains. Especially in the valleys such as Fontainhas this ensures a supply of water. The result is a place that resembles a paradise. I cannot describe in words how beautiful these places are. I can only recommend going there yourself, or comforting yourself with my photos.

In this green paradise you will also come across a small bar: Bar Tchù, a resting place for many hikers who pass by. Tchù is the owner and has a lot of energy. Every moment when he does not have to work, he is dancing. And he runs up the stairs every time instead of walking. The neighbor looks strict, but fully enjoys the visitors and is part of the full picture. Because I felt so much love in and for this bar, I even went there twice. Of the whole trip to Cape Verde, this was one of my most memorable experiences!

The coastal walk from Ponta do Sol to Cruzinha is therefore a must for any hiker visiting Santo Antão. Enjoy the beautiful coastlines and the green oasis. Take a breathe at Bar Tchù or another bar on the route. This hike was the most memorable of all the hikes I did in Cape Verde. Keep in mind that there are some steep parts along the way.

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