Your friends and parents always want to go on a beach holiday, but sitting still by the pool or the sea is actually not for you? You see pictures passing by friends in the mountains and you dream of experiencing this yourself? Every year you doubt whether you should not book an adventure trip, but you are not sure if it is your thing and if you can handle it? And how do you start such a journey if you have no experience at all? Do you also ask yourself these questions? Then this article is one for you. Below I try to convince the doubters among you to take steps towards another form of travel: adventure travel.

For the real noobs, some examples of activities you can do during adventure trips:

  • Trekking
  • Canyoning
  • Mountain biking
  • Mountain hiking
  • Top climbing
  • Canoeing
  • Rafting
  • (Wild) camping
  • To climb
Adventure travel

why adventure travel?

An important question is of course why you should take an adventure trip. I can only write down my own motives for this because this can of course be different for each person.

Of course I just enjoy doing these activities. But apart from that, an active, adventurous journey can give a lot of mental energy. Adventure trips also usually take place in nature. The beauty of nature gives me a lot of relaxation and mental peace. Wild camping is a very good example of this. If you camp in the middle of nature (alone or with some friends), you can enjoy the peace and quiet that prevails there. You have the time and the setting to put everything together and to outline certain problems or insights for yourself. Another advantage? There is usually little mass tourism (except at the top of Mount Everest).

When it comes to an explosive activity such as rafting, the adrenaline provides a boost that can last a whole trip. These moments are also very good as team building, etc. During such activities you may also learn to overcome certain fears and limits. If you have little experience, you can be on your discomfort in advance, but once you notice that everything is not so bad, you get an incredible kick. The memories you have of these activities are usually unforgettable.

In addition, an active holiday is also healthy. After a full day of walking, you can enjoy a nice meal or glass of wine in the evening without feeling guilty about the calories. Thicken during a vacation? This will not happen quickly with adventurous travel.

Adventure travel

What if you don’t dare to do adventure travel yet?

If you have this question, I can safely say that you are certainly not alone. Many people think that they will not be able to handle the activities of an adventure trip, and then quickly get the idea out of their minds. Some people are born for it or got it from their parents, others don’t. If you belong to the latter group, I will give you some tips below.

Start short and easy

For example, go to the Ardennes for a weekend. The first time you can sleep in a house, but the second time you can already stay at a campsite. The third time, you may want to try pole camping. In the beginning you can do day hikes, but after a while you can do a short trek. Also read my post about “First aid for camping”. Would you like to raft for example? Then start with a simple one and then expand later.

You can also join a group tour

Don’t you have friends who want to join? Then sign up for a group trip or weekend. You can try a weekend first and you may discover that both adventure travel and group travel are really something for you. Maybe this posts can help you with: “The benefits of group travel“.

Start with simple activities

You don’t have to do heavy and difficult activities right away. A week of hiking in Madeira is a perfect example. You can still spend the night in a hotel and have a good meal, but during the walks you still have your dose of exercise and nature. The beautiful nature makes you want to do something similar again as soon as possible. If you are in Norway next time, you can also plan a day of mountain biking or rafting. This way you build up experience that makes you more confident every time. So you can try to push your limits step by step.

Solid condition

Prepare yourself physically. It’s completely okay to climb a hiking mountain like the Toubkal as your first adventure trip, but don’t expect such activities to go automatically without a decent level of fitness. It is a great pity to pay for a trip and not be able to do certain things. If you still have travel companions, it becomes even more annoying. You should also not start training too much because then the physical problems will show up before you travel. Let me say the following: if you can’t walk 10 altimeters without resting you have some work to do. If you are going to do activities in the mountains, you should still be able to easily walk 15 km in a hilly area.

There are, of course, certain activities such as canoeing that are less physically demanding.

Adventure travel

My own path to adventure travel

For myself, adventure travel was not taught to me from home. I did camp a lot with the scouts during my teenage years, but during my first 5 twenties I actually didn’t travel much.

When I was 25 years old (in 2015) I registered for a first group trip to Prague. My interest in traveling grew enormously and in the spring of 2016 I registered for a first camping weekend with hiking and mountain biking. Nevertheless, I was still afraid to register for an adventurous trip that summer. Under the motto “eyes closed and do” I wrote in an 8-day canoe trip.

My love for adventure travel (and Sweden) was born. In the Christmas holidays that followed, I did my first winter holiday in Sweden with snowmobiling, husky trips etc. And in the spring of 2017 I did my first walking holiday to Madeira. Then my world really opened up and I started putting together trips for friends myself. In the years that followed, I did longer and longer journeys with various activities (even though hiking is still my favorite activity to this day). In the summer of 2019 I eventually became a tour guide for Mr. Yeti, and shortly afterwards this website was created.

So you see that you might also be able to do it perfectly. With a little preparation will you be able to experience (and share) experiences that you will never forget, and it may be able to make you a different person. Still not convinced? Here you can watch some compilation videos I made after some adventurous trips.

Do not hesitate to ask questions below or via the contact form! Additional tips are of course also welcome.

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