After falling in love with Scandinavia, I wanted to enjoy the Swedish forests and lakes again in the summer of 2017. I only had 1 week off on the schedule, but I would like to provide a part of nature and a part of culture for my travel companions. Since my travel companions had never been to Sweden, the culture part was quickly decided: Stockholm. Based on this, I found a long-distance path near a Stockholm: The Sörmlandsleden.

Why the Sörmlandsleden?

The Sörmlandsleden has one big advantage: If you land by plane at Skavsta Airport near Nyköping (= flying to Stockholm with Ryanair), the path actually starts when you get off the terminal. If you fly late, you can stay (relatively cheaply) in the Connect Hotel near the terminal. The signage starts from that hotel. We arrived quite early and followed the path to the town of Nyköping to stay in a hotel there.

One last check

What were we about to do?

Our goal was to hike from Nyköping to Vagnärad in 4 days and 3 nights, then take a train to Stockholm. For the 2nd night of the trekking we booked an overnight stay in Nynäs Slott. You can possibly add an extra loop of about 17 km from there through the associated nature park. That was originally not our intention. The other nights we camped. An advantage is that you can stock up on supplies in Tystberga, about halfway between Nyköping and Nynäs.

What did we do?

4 days turned out to be too short for us. With the limited knowledge I had then, I misjudged the number of kilometers for the first 2 days. During the first 2 days we had walked 30 km a day with a heavy backpack. We arrived in Nynäs Slott completely broken. We should have planned 3 days from Nyköping to Nynäs Slott. The remaining part to Vagnärad appears (after study afterwards) to be doable in 2 days.

To recuperate from the first 2 days, we decided to follow the path on the third day for 5 km through the Nynäs nature park and to camp wild at one of the many places provided for it. After a night full of YouTube bear sounds, it was still a walk of 12 (beautiful) kilometers to the main road where we took a bus to Vagnärad, to take the train there to Stockholm. This loop is also part of the Sörmlandleden.

Extra info about the Södermansleden

Since then I have been using an app like Viewranger to organize the days of a trekking. Fortunately, you can hardly go wrong on the Sörmlandsleden since everything is very clearly indicated (mainly by orange rings around the trees). The entire Sörmlandsleden is 1000 km long, so the possibilities are endless. You will find all kinds of map material and tips on the website. Our intention was to do the “Northern route” (towards Stockholm), but they also recommend a “Southern route”, then you walk away from Stockholm. If you want you can actually walk all the way to Stockholm, but then you gone for a while. Below you can download the general map.

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