In the summer of 2018 I did a road trip with 8 like-minded people through Iceland. We drove the full ring road (the main road that goes around the entire island) with of course several stops for waterfalls, hikes, rafting … What did I remember most after a 15-day road trip through Iceland? Mývatn. I personally found this place in the north of Iceland the most impressive location in a very breathtaking country. Are you planning to visit Iceland? Read on and no doubt this place will get a place in your schedule.


Mývatn is actually a lake. Feel free to go swimming but with this article I mainly want to explain the sights around the lake. During our 3-day stay we stayed at this campsite with a view of the water. Nearby is a lava field that you can cross to the lake.


The most impressive visit was to Hverir. This is a place where all kinds of volcanic activities can still be seen live. You will see boiling mud pits and fumaroles (cracks in the earth’s crust from which hot gases and vapors escape). Just below the earth it is so hot that the Icelanders draw energy from the ground to generate electricity. You also see strange fluorescent mosses. Walking around here is like being on another planet.


Sports enthusiasts can also climb the Hverfjall volcano. There is an easy and difficult route (indicated by signs). The volcano is only 312 meters high but if you take the difficult route, you go up very steep via powder ash. At the top you get a beautiful view of the region. Nearby there is another interesting spot for the “Game Of Thrones” fans. In the “Grjótagjá cave” a lively, well-known scene was shot with John Snow and Ygritte.

View from the crater


In the park Höfði you can actually admire special rocks in a forest. This doesn’t seem special but it is for Iceland. There are very few forests on the island and all are man-made. You can perfectly combine this in one hike with the volcano and the Dimmuborgir lava formations.

A forst in Iceland?

Mývatn natural bath

If you need a bit of rest and relaxation after visiting all these beautiful locations, you can. You will find natural baths with all amenities, just like the “Blue Lagoon” in Reykjavik. In the summer it is very long light so you can enjoy the view into the white (warm) water until the late hours. Personally I liked this one at Mývatn better than the well-known “Blue Lagoon”. It was less busy and everything was smaller.


If you are in Iceland, do not forget to make a stop in this beautiful area. You can easily stay there for 2 to 3 days without getting bored. In this place there is also more chance of better weather due to its location opposite the mountains. Anyway, I can only fully recommend Iceland as a whole. It almost seems like you are on another planet.

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