In these times of Corona we can only dream about the next trip. In this article I will take you to Tenerife, the island known as the paradise for sun-beaters. But is there anything else to do on that island? Tenerife is the perfect place for all kinds of sporty activities. Below I describe what the possibilities are for real trip in Tenerife instead of going on a lazy holiday.

Pico Del Teide

Tenerife has, literally and figuratively, one highlight: Pico Del Teide. This volcano is 3718 meters high and is the highest volcano in Europe, and the highest mountain in Spain. From Sendero de Montaña Blanca (+/- 2200 m altitude) you can hike up the mountain to a good 3200 m. There is a mountain hut (Refugio Altavista) where you can spend the night. In the morning you have to climb another 500 m and then you can admire the sunrise from the top. You better leave early because there is also a cable lift that can take the less sporty tourist up. If you leave too late, you may end up in a traffic jam.

You can descend via the same path, but there is also a heavier path over lava fields (at the cable lift to the right when you return from the top). This path is beautiful but a lot trickier, and you don’t end up back at the parking lot. Incidentally, it is mandatory to climb the top with a licensed guide, so they may be able to arrange something. I did the climb with this guide.


The island is perfect for hiking. You can get there in different climates and environments: from extremely dry places to green areas and pine forests. The famous Masca gorge has since been closed and apparently would not be opened again soon because of the danger of falling rocks. The possibilities are actually very lagre, so I’m just going to try to convince you with some pictures. On the spot you can choose what you do or don’t do based on the difficulty and location. In any case, you can already start your search here. In any case, I can highly recommend De Teide National Park.


Canyoning is a sport in which you follow the course of a river through a canyon. It is also necessary to walk, descend, jump and abseil. You can do different types of canyons in Tenerife. There are dry and wet canyons with different levels of difficulty. Of course you have to contact a guide for this. Make sure you check in advance what you are going to do, but if you follow the guidelines correctly, not much can happen. In the video at the bottom of this article you get a good impression of a canyoning.

Sea kayaking

You can also view the beaches and rocks of Tenerife from a sea kayak. You will need to contact a company that can provide sea kayaks and a guide, but there are plenty of them. You can snorkel on the way and if you are lucky you will encounter dolphins or turtles. We had combined sea kayaking with a whale safari.

So there are plenty of reasons to leave for Tenerife as an active traveler. I find the Canary Islands ideal for enjoying an active trip in pleasant temperatures in spring or autumn. In the video below you will get a good preview.

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