During the extended weekend of 1 May in 2018 I went with 4 friends to the Vosges to do some mountain hiking. As an organizer it was my job to find some nice hikes. After some research, it turned out that the climb of the Hohneck was going to be enough challenge to meet our adventurous needs. Our first hike of the weekend was fixed!

The Vosges are a medium mountain range in northeastern France near the border with Switzerland. In the past, the border with Germany was here, which means that German culture has never gone away. If you speak German better than French, this is not a problem here. The Hohneck is the third highest peak of the Vosges. With its 1364 meters height he leaves only the famous Grand Ballon and the Storkenkopf behind him. 

The climb of the Hohneck

We slept in a small tractor shut at Camping Osenbach. A very nice campsite but the sail that our hut had to keep waterproof has kept us awake for a night due to the strong winds. Fortunately, this was made up for by a very nice breakfast that was personally brought to us. The friendly owner was also aware of the problem with the cabins which makes me suspect that this has been solved in the meantime. The campsite is therefore certainly a tip for those looking for a place to stay in the Vosges.

Our cabin on the campsite

The route of the climb of the Hohneck can easily be found on Routeyou. The hike is about 15 km long with 867 altimeters. Most of the route runs through the woods. Along the way you will come across the “Lac Du Schiessrothried”. By good weather, this is an ideal place for a lunch break. At the end of the climb there was still some snow. The path was washed away by the thaw at that place. As you can see in the pictures, we improvised a little there.

At the summit itself there was a little disappointment. The summit is also perfectly accessible by car and on a sunny day many tourists want to enjoy the view without making much effort. In winter you can come skiing there as well. So once we arrived at the summit we saw a mass of people. There is also a restaurant to complete the tourist picture. Basically, you should be able to see the Alps from the top on clear days. Although it was a sunny day, there were no snowy peaks.

Ascent of the Hohneck

The climb of the Hohneck is not overly heavy. Gradualclimbs (except a small piece if you have to go up the last stretch via the snow). We have not encountered many technical difficulties either. You just need to be able to walk about 15 km with a light slope. This is a nice walk to do if you go on a trip to the Vosges. Please note that when I was there there were no signs to indicate the route, so use a walking GPS or an app (Routeyou has an app for the smartphone with GPS tracking).

Additional questions about the climb of the Hohneck can be asked below or via addactive@outlook.com.

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