A roadtrip through southern Sweden in autumn? Sweden is known to us as a popular summer and winter destination, but is it also worth going during autumn? In this blog I tell you my experiences of my visit to Sweden in the autumn holidays of 2018. With 4 like-minded people I went to southern Sweden for 8 days during that period. The concept was simple: renting a car in Gothenburg and arriving back after a week in the same place. We went from Gothenburg to Karlstad, Fulufjället, Örebro, Tiveden National Park, and then back to Gothenburg. Only in Fulufjället we’ve stayed overnight twice.

The first evening we spent in a hostel in Trollhättan. During our dinner in a Spanish restaurant (where it was nice and warm) it suddenly started snowing outside. The first day, of course, couldn’t end without a snowball fight. All night it had snowed, so the next day the town was completely white colored. When we had only driven out of Trollhättan for a few miles, there was no snow anywhere. Apparently it was a very local snow shower. 

Earlier by accident, During my preparation I had found a place on Lake Vänern (near Karlstad) to visit. In good luck, I took my fellow travelers to this place. I had no idea if it was going to be worth it or not, but once arrived we were treated to a beautiful sunset and surroundings. You can find this viewpoint on Google with the keyword “Arnäs Udde”. In Karlstad we stayed overnight in a hostel that was kept open by people with disabilities.

But the best was yet to come. Our northernmost stop site was the Fulufjället national park. There we were treated again with snow (apparently it was the first snow of the winter season). Since we were there during the off-season, we were the only one seen there in the park (and in winter wonderland). A very friendly host in the visitor centre helped to make it an unforgettable day. On our whereabouts “Fulufjälsgarden” we were also the only customers. A good concierge even had to be present especially for us.

We drove on to tiveden National Park. We did a nice, 9-kilometre hike around a lake. It was a beautiful, sunny day. In the pictures it might as well have been summer. Even during this hike we did not meet any tourist. In this park you can do many different hikes. You can get information for this on site. If you are around, it is definitely recommended to visit.

Only during our day in Götenborg was it measly again. In 8 days we had seen Sweden in its different kinds of beauty. From winter wonderland to lakes that sparkled in the sun. I realize that luck had also been an important factor here, but a roadtrip through southern Sweden in autumn is well worth it. Of course, it can also be done in the spring instead of autumn. Sweden is a country that will not disappoint any time soon.

If you are interested in a roadtrip in southern Sweden, you can contact me for extra info. For other information about travelling to Sweden I can also help as I have already visited this country 7 times and I try to master the language.

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