After a nice experience as a tour guide in Norway I went on a 3-day trekking with some friends in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The Lee-trail is a 53km long trekking and most people do it in two or three days. You walk from Ettelbrück to Kautenbach or vice versa. About 2000 altimeters need to be overcome and there is mainly walking on dirt paths. We have stayed overnight at 3 campsites: Camping Du Moulin, Camping Du Nord and Camping Kautenbach.

Beautiful wooded area

Given the location of the campsites and the limited experience of a fellow hiker I had decided to do it in 3 days, but it is also doable in 2 days. People who want to be on the road longer can continue on the Eisleck trail after the Lee-trail. These 2 trails are part of the Escapardenne and run from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to our Belgian Ardennes. I walked the Eisleck trail in May 2018. I had a week of leave left so there was time to put the Lee-trail to my name.

The Lee-trail is quite a heavy trekking. So try to limit the weight of the backpack as much as possible because you regularly come across steep pieces. To save place and weight we had bought trekking food for lunch. For the 2nd evening we did have a can of ravioli with us (there is no brasserie/restaurant at Camping Du Nord). At the other campsites we ate in a small restaurant nearby (attention: you won’t come across shops along the way!).

Through the forests of Luxembourg on the Lee trail
Small impression of the paths

In the case of physical problems, the Lee trail does have a logistical advantage: there are several train stations that are not far from the route. We were able to drop off a travel companion there for the last day of hiking. Very convenient as we had more than 20 km ahead of us the last day (due to the location of the campsites). Public transport is by the way free in Luxembourg.

But if you go, don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. I could already tick off the Eisleck trail, but I found the Lee-trail to be more beautifully in terms of surroundings. The Eisleck-Trail is less heavy than the Lee trail, but if you have a decent fitness and/or experience with trekking it is definitely highly recommended. 

We stayed overnight at 3 beautiful campsites (believe me, I was just back from Norway). Every time we could set up our tents near a river and overall it were quiet campsites. They’re also on or near the trail. Book in advance (especially in high season)! 

Trekking - Luxembourg - hiking - backpack - Lee trail
View of one of campsites

Is there anything more fun than having an adventure with a group of friends? I had a nice time and gave a friend her first experience with a heavy backpack (and she won’t forget it soon). We also encountered some wildlife. The black hole after Norway was now even bigger!

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